Announcement: Athletes Foot – Home Remedy

  • A natural medication for athletes foot is tea tree oil. Apply directly to the foot fungus of add a few drops into warm water and soak the feet.
  • A very common foot fungus home remedy treatment to help decrease itching is to soak feet in a solution of fifty percent apple cider vinegar and the other half warm water.
  • Tinea fungus is a yeast so you may want to avoid excessive amounts of sugar such as sweetened fruit juices, beer and wine.
  • Some people have had a home remedy success with applying Vicks Vaporub to their feet at night and leaving the socks off so that the feet can breathe.
  • Some people have had some success with consuming garlic. Garlic has been used since ancient times to treat disease. Garlic oil can be applied to the skin to treat warts and fungal foot infections.
  • Another home remedy is to try putting a few fresh thyme leaves in yours socks each day.
  • Adding a few tablespoons of dry mustard to warm water and then soaking the feet may prove to be an athletes foot cure.

There are Natural Home Remedies that may work for some people.

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