Announcement: Pets and Ringworm

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Pets such as cats and dogs can contract ringworm. Ringworm is another name for athletes foot. Ringworm is highly contagious. Ringworm is caused by a fungus that leaves lesions. The incubation period for ringworm is usually a couple of weeks. The signs of ringworm can be almost invisible but the disease can still be transmitted. Ringworm fungus can spread rapidly if left untreated. Ringworm from pets can be transmitted to humans. Ringworm fungus lives off dead tissues of the skin.

Pets with ringworm (athletes foot) should be isolated to one area to prevent spreading of the disease. Pet bedding should be disinfected and kept clean.

Antifungal Pet Shampoo for Ringworm may assist in eliminating ringworm as well as antifungal creams and sprays.

If you bring your children to a farm or a petting zoo make sure everyone washes their hands thoroughly after touching the animals.

Ringworm lesions are usually on the head of animals but can spread to the rest of the body.

People that are immunocompromised should take precautions when around a pet with ringworm. They may want to wear gloves or keep a distance away from the animal.

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Announcement: Ringworm

Pets can contract ringworm (athletes foot). Pets that have ringworm can transmit it to humans.