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 Athletes foot, Athletes Foot Symptoms

Athletes foot, Athlete's Foot—teresatrimm (

Common signs and symptoms of athletes foot are itching, peeling skin on feet, narrow slits in the skin and maceration between the toes.

• Feet may experience a burning sensation.
• Athletes foot symptoms usually begins between the toes
• Skin may be soggy and white
• There is dry skin on feet.
• There may be an inflammatory eruption of the skin along with intense burning.
• Deep blisters may form.
• Toenails may be affected. Toenail infections are more common than fingernail infections. Affected nails tend to be thick and fragile   and often discoloured. The nail plate may have a brown and yellow appearance.
• Athletes foot can sometimes involve the complete plantar surface of the foot. The Foot Fungus does not cause internal disease.
• Feet may have a foul odour.
• You do not have to be an athlete to contact athletes foot symptoms
• Oozing blisters
• Skin may have a watery discharge
• An athletes foot symptom may be a stinging feeling to the skin
• Dry skin may crack between the toe webs
• Skin may experience variable amounts of itching
• Skin may be sensitive to the touch

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What causes athletes foot?

Athletes foot is caused by a fungus living off the skin of the feet. The fungus thrives in a hot humid environment.

How long does athletes foot last ?

Athletes foot can last a few weeks to a few months. Athletes foot may return after treatment.