What does athletes foot look like?

Athletes foot pictureThere are different symptoms associated with athletes foot. So what does athletes foot look like? Athlete foot may not look the same for everyone. The signs on the skin can be dry, scaly, cracking on the sole of the foot and between the toes. The skin may flake off. Athletes foot pictures spot signs of dry skin between the toes. Skin with the fungal infection may swell and blisters may develop in between the toes or on the sole of the foot. Blisters may break open and expose raw skin. Bumps may develop on the feet. Athletes foot is a fungal condition that can appear as a yellow and whitish rash on your feet. Some of the early signs and symptoms of footfungus may be reddening and inflammation of the foot with a strong desire to scratch with continued itching. Athletes foot sites may look like a rash. Sometimes it affects just one foot. The health condition of the toenails may be affected. Toenails that are infected may cause thickening of the nail, scaling and some loss of the nail. Toe nail fungus may take time to heal as the new nail grows in. For nail fungus treatment see our Athletes Foot Treatment section.

Keep the feet clean and dry to avoid problems with infection.

Health conditions such as diabetes and a weakened immune system may make one more susceptible to athletes foot problems.

Do not have bare feet in public showers wear flip flops to prevent contacting athletes foot. Athletes foot spreads quickly. Keep the feet free from the bodys sweat. Changing socks regularly is recommended.

Diseases skin disorders such as eczema or psoriasis can mimic athletes foot.

If your condition does not improve in a few weeks go and see your doctor.

There are Natural Home Remedies that may work for some people.