How to kill athletes foot

Athlete’s foot foot fungus is a fungal infection that affects the feet as well as other parts of the body. It grows in warm damp areas. Knowing what causes athletes foot and how to kill athletes foot will make your feet very happy.

There are many different itch fungi applications that will kill athlete foot. See our Treatment section that’s just highly reviewed products.

There are natural Home Remedy treatments as well. The fungi prefers dark warm damp places so the sun may help to kill the fungus. A mixture of 2 % hydrogen peroxide and the rest water can be used as a remedy to soak the feet. The hydrogen peroxide may sting. Hydrogen peroxide can be mixed with water and sprayed into shoes. Try mixing bleach and warm water together for a quick soak daily. Keep feet dry after.

The athletes foot bacteria and fungal infection can spread to the groin area to develop athletes foot jock itch. The Jock Itch fungi can become pretty damned itchy. Athletes foot jock itch can spread to the hands. The hands are pretty damned close to the infection so wash your hands thoroughly after applying a treatment.

You can avoid athletes foot by not sharing towels. Wash your bedding in hot water to kill off the fungus.

Put your shoes inside a tightly closed large baggie and place in the freezer. The cold shoes kill athletes foot.

There are Natural Home Remedies that may work for some people.