How long does athletes foot last ?

There is really no definitive answer to the question How Long Does Athletes Foot Last since everyone’s makeup and recovery period is different. The incubation period for athletes foot is about one week. On athletes foot live foot fungus.  It may reoccur again after a long time has passed like a few months.

Sprays liquids or Antifungal  Creams may help to keep the itchiness away. Athletes foot fungus can be treated locally. Foot fungus live off the skin of the feet. Most treatments for athletes foot take a couple of weeks to start to show improvement in the scaling skin. For antifungal creams and other topical applications see our  Athletes Foot Treatment section. Athlete foot can also be treated with a natural Home Remedy such as tea tree oil or apple cider vinegar. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after application so that you do not get a hand foot infection.

Will My Athletes Foot Come Back ?

Athletes foot may be chronic which means once you get the fungus it may come back on a regular basis. This may require ongoing care to treat athlete foot.For athletes foot that is chronic, meaning the fungus lives for extended periods of time, this may require treatment 3 or 4 times a week for periods of up to a year. A foot treated on a regular basis should eventually heal.

There are Natural Home Remedies that may work for some people.